Students on Some College Campuses Turn the Tables on Anti-Semitism

It is rare for good, conservative news to emanate from college campuses, as most are far from educational institutions, but instead are indoctrination camps to such things as Critical Race Theory (CRT), the LGBTQ agenda and extremely liberal socialism.

But there is good news to share! Students on some campuses, including the ultra-liberal Stanford University, are launching Palestinian Apartheid Week to counter Israel Apartheid Week (IAW) that has been bashing Israel for a decade, and is very big on college campuses.

Israel Apartheid Week was launched about 10 years ago by those who insist Israel is an apartheid state, but have no true evidence to back it up. Of course, IAW is backed by dozens of Muslim organizations who have worked overtime during the past decade to turn college students against Israel. That is part of the reason Anti-Semitism now runs rampant among all the other liberal biases on college campuses.

“College campuses are not a very friendly place for people who are Israeli or Jewish. …It’s not just during Israeli Apartheid Week that college campuses are so hostile toward Israel. But it is sort of the climax. They throw around the word ‘apartheid’ to bully anyone who walks around with a kippa or who openly supports Israel. It’s pretty nasty.”

~Stanford MBA student, Jonathan Rozenberg, according to i24 News (reported by All Israel News, 6/12/2022)

Read more about the upstart Palestinian Apartheid movement meant to balance the scales on college campuses:, and hear Rozenberg’s interview with i24:

On this one, I’ve got to say, “Well done, college students!” If you are an Israel supporter, please take time to open the article and listen to the Rozenberg interview. Then, let’s pray for God to use these young people to change the atmosphere on college campuses when it comes to Israel.

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