Roe v Wade: Do We Simply Sit and Wait for the Court’s Response?

The closer we come to our Lord’s return, the more critical it is to be about the Father’s business. To be found faithful at our Lord’s return, and to hear “Well done good and faithful servant,” should be our ultimate honor. But what is the Father’s business?

We could go in many different directions in attempts to nail that down, but one thing is certain: He has called us to righteousness, and being a voice for those who have no voice is righteous in His sight! Millions of babies have been murdered since Roe v Wade legalized abortion across our country, leaving millions of unheard voices.

As you know, Roe v Wade could be on the verge of being overturned, but as is normal in our society today, the liberal left has concocted a way to either convince justices to vote a different way, or set themselves up for quite a riot once the US Supreme Court hands down the decision.

(Of note…overturning Roe v Wade will NOT make abortion illegal. It will simply send the decision back to the states where it belongs. We will continue to have an abortion issued, even if Roe v Wade is overturned.)

By the way…abortion is now working its way not into the second or third trimester, but even AFTER a baby is physically born! We touched on it a few days ago, and exhorted you to speak for those who cannot speak for themselves! It is important that we do that. But likewise….

Some say desperate times call for desperate measures. How wrong! Desperate times, as well as less-desperate times, call for prayer to the Almighty God who is sovereign and in control! I’m joining the American Family Association (AFA) in calling for a time of prayer and fasting until the verdict is read. That may happen soon, or it may linger into July, so the suggestion is not that you don’t eat that entire time! The objective is to fast from something meaningful to you (a certain food, TV time, a daily latte, etc), in order to dedicate yourself and your focus to prayer and petition for the unborn.

AFA provides specific prayer points and asks us to pledge our prayers and fasting for the purpose of overturning Roe v Wade. Will you commit?

This is one way we as Christians engage our culture! We have a hotline to the Only Being (God Himself!) who can truly resolve this issue. Why wouldn’t we do so?

PS: Spoiler alert: Abortion is a worldwide issue, and in our prayer time for Israel this month, we pause today to focus on the rights of the unborn in Israel as well. Abortion is a hot topic across the globe, and I hope you will make it a priority to defend life. Pray fervently, and let your voice be heard loudly! (See Stand for Life by Speaking up for Those Who Cannot!)

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