Discerning Times and Seasons

Consider the time and season in which we live, friends. Never have we seen so many nations threatening, testing or racing toward nuclear weapons. Earthquakes and other natural disasters are happening on increasingly more frequent and severe occasions. Russia is on a rampage, daring the west to stand up to them. Already, they are partnering with Turkey and Iran in Syria, just miles from Syria’s border with Israel.

On top of that, according to a Reuters report last week, another 8B cubic meters of natural gas were discovered off the coast of Israel, fueling speculation that oil and gas will be the “hook in the jaw” that draws the Gog of Magog coalition from the north into Israel. (See Ezekiel 38:1-6)

Meanwhile, Ramadan (the Islamic month of prayer and fasting) just concluded with unprecedented violence. Even following the close of Ramadan, the violence continues as Palestinians launch terror attacks on Israeli citizens, and as tensions increase on Temple Mount.

Scripture teaches us to know and understand the time and season in which we live (Matthew 16:1-3, Luke 1:54-56), and Pastor Jack Hibbs gives us a 4-minute message of encouragement to do just that!

Are your eyes on Israel? Birth pains of prophecy should always draw our eyes to God’s chosen people and God’s chosen land, as that is where things will culminate in the last days. Meanwhile, we’re praying for spiritual awakening in Israel. Join us this afternoon for a specific prayer point.

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