Day 7: 31 Days of Prayer for Israel – Training Ministers

Perhaps one of the most important missions of One for Israel is training ministry leaders through their sister ministry, Israel College of the Bible. Jews and Arab pastors study side-by-side and it is a beautiful thing! I have met several of them and they are fully-committed to teach the Gospel of Jesus Christ in a region where it is not popular!

BTW – if you are interested in strong Bible teaching through an Israeli lens, I highly recommend the course offerings of Israel College of the Bible. They are top quality! Also, our EXPERIENCE ISRAEL tours are coordinated through ICB. Now that Israel has reopened, we are assessing interest in the next tour. (We have yet to post updated info, but some details are found here. If you are interested in going to Israel, please email and we will reach out to you.)

Let’s jump into day 7 of our prayer journey, where we’ll focus on the training of ministry leaders…

Give instruction to a wise man, and he will be still wiser; Teach a just man, and he will increase in learning.

~Proverbs 9:9

Before One for Israel’s Bible college was founded in 1990, new believers who were called to the ministry had to leave Israel and learn English to receive biblical training. As the Body of Messiah continues to increase in Israel, there’s growing need for more pastors and ministers. OFI’s goal is to provide the training they need right there in Israel, preparing and equipping them for ministry. Today Israel College of the Bible (ICB) is fulfilling the mission to train up the next generation of Arab and Jewish leaders in God’s kingdom, ready for the harvest of faith to come.

Pray for ICB’s college faculty to maintain a fresh and vital walk with the Lord, that God would inspire them and give them fresh revelation through His Word and Spirit.

In 2019, our tour group had the blessed privilege to meet Pastor Bannoura in Bethlehem, and what an incredible blessing it was! His love for the Lord and his love for people…both Palestinian and Jewish…are infectious. God is at work in his congregation, as well as many other congregations across the land! But the opposition is fierce and they need our prayers! Please pray specifically for Pastor Bannoura, then for the dozens of other pastors in Israel teaching the Word of God so boldly and faithfully!

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