IDF Successfully Tests Game-Changing Laser Weapon

What happens when your country is constantly under attack or threat of attack? You develop the most high-tech and sophisticated weapons on earth. Israeli ingenuity is at it’s best when the nation is put under pressure.

A new technological breakthrough was demonstrated in a series of tests in which laser beams successfully intercepted a variety of threats such a missiles, UAVs and even shrapnel in complex scenarios. The laser interception system was tested from the ground, but Israelis are working to successfully mount the technology on drones and other airborne vehicles in order to provide a shield over ground troops, as well as the capability of destroying incoming threats from further distances.

Israeli Defense Minister, Benny Gantz, said:

“This achievement is a product of Israeli innovation, the defense system and the industries that come together and provide an umbrella of security and protection for the citizens of Israel. Every effort will be made to make the system operational soon and enable an effective, cheap and innovative defense umbrella. A protective umbrella that will save lives – and allow a wide maneuvering space in the face of an attack by our enemies.”

See the Iron Beam in action:

Such technology is amazing, as God has truly blessed Israel with uncanny ability to innovate in order to survive. One day soon, though, neither Israel’s military prowess nor any of Israel’s allies will be able to stand against an invasion from the north. On that day, the Lord strong and mighty will stand to defend Israel. Take 30 seconds to read exactly what God says He will do on that day: Ezekiel 38:18-23.

Indeed, He will be magnified, and they will know that He is Lord!

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