Be Strong and Courageous!

If you follow, you know focus has been given to the Infanticide Bill making its way through the California state assembly. Regarding this issue and a few others in the past, some understandably ask, “Why are you talking about politics on a blog about Israel?”

That’s a fair question and here is the answer.

First, Israel is God’s time piece for His plan for both Jews and Gentiles. We look to Israel to understand things such as end times, but also our Christian heritage which is rooted in Judaism. Stop to think: Jesus, our Messiah, was a Jew! It is important to understand God’s plan for both Jews and Gentiles.

Secondly, whether Americans agree or not, our nation was founded upon Christian principles, by men who entrusted themselves and our nation’s founding to God. It was men of God who led our nation. It was travelling preachers who lit the fire in hearts and minds of citizens to live righteously and lead according to God’s Word. Our nation’s foundation was rich in Biblical values and morals.

At some point, Christians abdicated Godly responsibility, leaving leadership to secular leaders. Most still had a sense of decency and morality in the early days because Christian influence was still strong. Over the years, though, that influence dwindled as Christians chose to “just focus on Jesus” rather than living out Christian values in EVERY area of life. Somehow, we were convinced that Christianity and politics do not mix. “Politics” (secular twisting of civic involvement) became sacred ground for unrighteousness, and Christians turned a blind eye.

So, shall we get back to Godly principles? If so, we go all the way back to Moses, the great Jewish prophet and leader, to whom God gave the law, and to which our own laws are based! Fun fact: Moses (in stone) presides over our Supreme Court! We cannot deny our ties to the ancient Hebrews.

Thus, I will continue, when appropriate, to focus on ways we as Christians are called to exercise our faith and values…even in civic involvement. Call it “politics” or God-ordained government, we cannot check our faith at the door, and we cannot declare, “I don’t get involved in politics.” Right….so get involved in government! After all, we gave it up for years and we’re seeing the result. Let’s take it back!

Moses would be proud!

Now, for huge encouragement in this regard, I strongly recommend Pastor Jack Hibbs’ Wednesday night message below. He is leading the charge in California to oppose AB 2223, the Infanticide Bill that would legalize killing babies AFTER birth, and this message is timely encouragement. Opening worship is great, but if you wish to jump straight to his teaching, it begins at the 32:10 mark. Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Be Strong and Courageous!

  1. Pauline

    Hi Kym, This post was well said. I used to think that politics and religion should be separate, until I read Genesis 1:28 and understood it. God gave man the task to rule over every living thing on the earth. We have a responsibility as Christians to be a light in the areas we have been placed in charge of. That might be parenting, a job, and yes even government. God has placed many of us in America, a country where it’s, “We the people”. When we, believers, stopped participating, non believers became stronger. The push was to take anything God recognized as moral and good, and do away with it. Thank you, Kym for your daily posts.

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