Passion Week Meditations: Friday

In Christian circles, we call it Good Friday. Why “good?” Isn’t that the day Jesus was crucified?

Indeed, it was. If we were to use human eyes to view this day from Jesus’ perspective, we would fail miserably to understand the day…and yes, that is what we tend to do. But when perceived in light of eternity and from the perspective of the One who said, “Not My will, but Yours be done,” we realize that, despite the physical torture and pain Jesus endured for us, it was necessary because the sin of mankind demanded a perfect sacrifice.

Jesus was that sacrifice, and for that reason, it is good. Good for us. Good for our salvation. Without this day in history, not one of us would ever experience eternal life with Jesus our Savior. God the Father made it good for our sake. What a faithful Father. What a beautiful Savior.

Let’s take a deeper look into that Friday of Passion Week. (Prior devotionals for Passion Week are found here: Palm Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.)

PS: These Passion Week Meditations are courtesy of Canyon Ministries and their Chairman of the Board, Dr Bill Barrick, who authored them.

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