Trump Curses Netanyahu

As if things aren’t bad enough on the foreign policy front as a result of incompetence in the current administration, incredibly sad news involving President Trump broke today.

Israeli journalist, Barak Ravid, just broke news of Trump cursing former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. In two interviews with Trump, in preparation for his book, Trump’s Peace: The Abraham Accords and the Reshaping of the Middle East, Ravid reports Trump’s dissatisfaction with Neyanyahu’s congratulations to Joe Biden on his victory in the 2020 American presidential elections. Read Ravid’s article in Axios here:

To be clear: this is not the first time Donald Trump has uttered disgusting statements about others and is not the first time he has turned on those once considered his allies. It is utterly childish, disgusting and uncivil, and is to be condemned in the strongest way.

Now, some commentary. I have never been a fan of Donald Trump, the man. Now I am less a fan than ever. In terms of policy, I’m not sure we have ever had a better president in terms of moral values (policy-wise, not personally), Constitutional stance, support of Israel, defense of the unborn, and many other values held dear by conservative Christians. Most conservatives believe the Trump administration, though definitely not perfect, made as many or more strides in positioning American foreign and domestic policy in proper place than any president in our lifetime (perhaps ever).

But at what cost?

I, for one, sincerely hope Donald Trump does not run for president in 2024. Do I appreciate and champion most of his policies? Yes! Do I believe America needs to return to most of those policies? Absolutely! Are their other candidates who can accomplish what Trump accomplished without the narcissism seemingly so eternally present in Donald Trump? I don’t know for sure, and probably not more than one or two, but in my book, it is worth a try.

America is being ripped apart at the seams and many are to blame, but Donald Trump is not the least among them. Even when he is “right,” he divides, and we just don’t need it. If conservative, Christian values are to regain some ground, it must be without one who uses those values to advance his own political position.

So, what’s my purpose? I’m asking you to commit to prayer, my friends. America is in huge need of leadership and I believe there are principled men equally capable of leading our nation, yet without turning every ounce of focus on himself. Selfish leadership will get us nowhere. Personally, I’m praying God will raise up a man who will follow after Him, and who is equipped to lead America as we navigate the last days.

In different context, James tells us that we have not because we ask not. (James 4:2-3) I believe it is a principle we can apply. Will you join me in commitment to ask God to deliver a mighty man of God who will lead our nation with integrity and strength of the Lord?

It’s a prayer worth praying.

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