So, You Think You Understand Ezekiel’s Valley of Dry Bones? Here’s an Added Bonus!

Israel being in their own land is a “must” for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled. After all, when He steps foot on the Mount of Olives during His Second Coming, He will come to redeem His people, Israel!

We’ve studied Ezekiel’s “dry bones prophecy” in Ezekiel 37, and know that, physically speaking, Israel was brought back to life. However, God has more in store for His people. One for Israel explains

Enjoy dear friends, and praise God for His faithfulness that will bring full life to our Jewish friends!

PS: One for Israel is on the cutting edge of evangelism to the Jewish and Arab people in Israel. Their ministry is unbelievable. If you are looking for a great investment in the people of Israel, there is no better way to bless Israel than with Messiah! One for Israel is doing that! Click here to learn more about One for Israel, and to give.

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