Secrecy Surrounds Explosion at Iranian Nuclear Plant in Natanz

By now, you have likely heard about the explosion at or near the Natanz nuclear facility in Iran. The blast occurred around 8:15pm local time on Saturday night, yet very little confirmed news has surfaced. Some reports indicate one or more UAV’s may have targeted the facility, while Iranian new agencies report “nothing to worry about,” as testing of defense systems was conducted. Later reports out of Iran stated incoming UAV’s were shot down by Iranian defenses. Was there an attack, or did something go wrong with an Iranian missile test? Vague evidence seems to indicate a little more than a misfired Iranian missile, but news our of Iran is difficult to come by.

Whatever the case, the Iranian regime has cut off all communications in the area, including internet service, to prevent news from emanating from the Persian republic.

Many sub-stories are developing. For example, the nuclear talks in Vienna appear to have broken down after Iran refused to negotiate unless all sanctions are first lifted. Israel has pressed the US and Europe to pull out of negotiations for weeks. Now, it is reported that Dedi Barnea, Israel’s Mossad chief, is in the US to present new intelligence. Will the US administration take heed?

A second subplot is the Syrian media report that explosions were heard at Al-Tanf, an American military base on the Syrian-Iraqi border, following the explosion at Natanz. There is speculation about the possibility of it being a retaliatory strike by Iran. (Though that would assume Iran’s report about a failed missile test is false, and that the US attacked. Highly unlikely, I think!) There are no reports of injury on the American base.

In addition, the citizens of Iran, who have revolted to various degrees for many years, are now very active in the streets of Iran once again. Via undercover and social media reports, they are warning the Americans to stop negotiating with the Iranian regime. They have become victims of a brutal regime robbing them of basic life necessities (such as drinking water), in favor of funding terrorists and building nuclear weapons. Again, will the Biden administration consider the warnings coming from within Iran?

“The message of the U.S.’s return to JCPOA to us, Iranians, is that the U.S. is collaborating with the Mullahs in suppressing and killing the Iranian people and the Mullahs’ crimes against us, that serves the dictatorship and religious fascism. How can ransom be paid to a regime that brutally kills its own people? After the JCPOA deal in 2015, the regime took the cash and spent it on terrorism. Our women in Iran resort to prostitution for a piece of bread. Lifting sanctions or giving cash to the regime will only prolong its life, the life of the dictatorship.”

~An Iranian citizen,

What does it all mean?

It simply means the birth pains of end time prophecy continue to come more frequently and more severely. Iran is hell bent on obtaining nuclear capability and they are running full speed ahead to do so, despite the regulations under the current nuclear deal. Will world superpowers, or groups of nations rise up to prevent Iran from reaching their intended desire? Will Israel be forced to take action on their own to prevent Iran from turning nuclear weapons on them? Will the people of Iran rise up and overthrow an evil regime?

Fear not, friends! Things are not falling apart, rather God’s plan if falling into place. Nothing we see today contradicts what Scripture tells us to expect in the last days. Evil will reign upon the earth, Iran will join forces with Russia, Turkey and others to ultimately attack Israel, and neither the US nor any other nation will stand with Israel in the end. Yes, we should pray for the US administration and other world governments to stand with Israel, and we should pray for God’s wisdom to prevail. Perhaps God will heed our prayers for a season, but ultimately, God’s Word tells us what the end will bring.

Refuse fear, and cling to faith in our righteous God! Live with purpose and share your faith. These are days to rise up and live out all our mighty God has put in us!

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