From Babylonian Captives to Messianic Followers of Yeshua

One of the most impactful ministries in Israel is One for Israel. They do incredible work sharing Jesus with Jews and Arabs in the land, training Jewish and Arab pastors to effectively lead their congregations, and producing online content that reaches into every corner of Israel and the Middle East. The Holy Spirit is at work there and the Lord is making Himself known to His own in these last days.

The staff at One for Israel have absolutely incredible stories of how they came to Israel, and how they came to faith in Yeshua. It begins at the top with founder Erez Sorof, an Iraqi Jew whose ancient family was in Babylonian captivity! Over time, Jewish families who did not immediately return to Israel following the exile, prospered in Babylon, but could not return to Israel with anything!

Dr Sorof’s family was one of those who remained in Babylon for centuries. Now, hear him tell the story of his family’s return to Israel centuries later. You will be blessed!

BTW – As we approach year-end, it is a great time to invest in ministries who are doing the work of the Kingdom. I recommend considering One for Israel. Not only do the dollars you give go straight into Kingdom work (not the case with all “ministries” in Israel), but the outreach they have and the “bang for the buck” is top notch. Click Here to find out how to give (tax-deductible), and the impact their ministry has.

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