Joel Rosenberg: Saudi Arabia will Join the Abraham Accords

If you have read Joel Rosenberg’s latest, Enemies and Allies, you know that he has a unique position when it comes to understanding what is happening behind closed doors of Arab leaders throughout the Middle East. Why? Because he’s been behind those closed doors on more than one occassion!

God has definitely blessed Rosenberg with incredible opportunities to sit down with Arab leaders is Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, the UAE and others to discuss things such as religious freedom and peace with Israel. In fact, UAE’s Crown Prince Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed actually and verbally announced to Rosenberg and one of his evangelical delegations that UAE was ready to make peace with Israel, long before the Abraham Accords came to be!

Thus, when Joel speaks of the potential of Saudi Arabia joining the Accords, he does so with a large degree of authority, and perhaps some insider knowledge! Regardless, Saudi Arabia joining the Abraham Accords would be huge news, both geopolitically and prophetically. Be reminded that Israel’s surrounding nations will not be involved in the northern invasion into Israel by Russia, Iran, Turkey and others, as prophesied in Ezekiel 38.

Also, know that Saudi Arabia and Iran are ancient mortal enemies, always vying for domination within the Muslim faith. They battle one another, and currently Iranian proxies are pestering Saudi Arabia from the south. Like many other moderate Muslim nations in the region, Saudi Arabia is seeing the benefit of making peace with Israel to increase security and bolster economy.

Recently, Joel Rosenberg sat down for an interview with CBN’s Chris Mitchell in their Jerusalem studios to discuss the prospects of Saudi Arabia joining the Accords. Find the story and full video interview here:

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