Living in a Messed up World: Reacting in Foolishness or Responding in Wisdom?

Welcome back friends! Yesterday we launched a mini-series regarding standing with courage in a messed up world. Unrighteousness reigns in our world and it is important for us to take a stand on Godly principles and values. Yet, there is a difference between rebellion and radical courage. We are not called to rebellion, but to courage.

As recorded in Joshua 1, God spoke clear instructions to Joshua, after Moses’ death, to finish the work of leading the Israelites into the Promised Land. The first five verses urge Joshua to action, then twice in two verses (6 and 7), God tells Joshua to be strong and courageous!

Later, Hezekiah was called to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem and, when threatened by Sennacherib, king of Assyria, Hezekiah encouraged his men with the same words of encouragement God had spoken to Joshua: Be strong and courageous; do not be afraid nor dismayed. (2 Chronicles 32:7)

I wonder what Hezekiah would say to us today in our increasingly surreal circumstances. What about Jesus Himself? Would He defy authority? Would He be quick to fire off angry or sarcastic tweets or Facebook posts? Would He slam leaders in order to “put them in their place?”

I’m afraid our knee jerk reactions may not be the appropriate representation of Christ. When we act in ways unbecoming our Lord and Savior, we don’t serve the purposes of God. Becoming riled up and full of angst almost assuredly lead to rebellion.

Great wisdom and patience are required in today’s messed up world. The patience to seek God is sorely needed in these chaotic times. Patience requires us to hold back long enough to apply Godly wisdom.

Yet when the time comes to legitimately speak or act in defense of Godly principles and values, we often clam up. Tomorrow we’ll talk about radical courage, but today, let’s consider whether or not we are reacting inappropriately or responding with the wisdom of heaven above.

More tomorrow….see you then!

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