Radical Courage in a Messed up World

Our world is messed up in so many ways, and it seems to be getting worse as time goes on. A couple days ago we introduced this mini-series, considering how to navigate in a messed up world. We began by looking at Scripture telling us these ails will certainly come upon us in the last days. Then, we considered whether or not we tend to react in foolishness or respond in wisdom.

So, where do you tend to lean?

But just as Scripture encourages Joshua and Hezekiah’s men to be strong and courageous (Joshua 1:6-7, 2 Chronicles 23:7), we too, must stand courageously against evil, without rebellion. At times we must be courageous enough not to follow the crowd (even one we may agree with), and the expectations our society pushes on us may require our staunch resistance in order to fulfill God’s will for us. Sometimes the stakes are high.

When God spoke to Joshua, exhorting him to be strong and courageous, it implied a concerted effort to summon strength. It requires determined action on our part. The good news is that our Lord will never leave us, and will walk with us, guide us and strengthen us every step of the way!

A closer look at Joshua 1 shows us:

  • Joshua could count on the promises of God. (verse 6)
  • The law given to Moses would serve as a guide (verses 7-8)
  • God would be with him wherever he went (verse 9)
  • God Himself will take care of the opposition (verse 18)

Given all that, why NOT act in the courage God gives us!

Finally, consider what happened to the disciples and Jesus’ followers in Acts 2 when the Holy Spirit came in great power. The apostles suddenly became bold evangelists as the Holy Spirit filled their hearts with courage to spread the Gospel and stand up for what was right, despite opposition and even danger.

It is often in the stiffest challenges that our faith grows strongest. We face stiff challenges to our values today, and what a great time to become radically courageous!

A final bit of encouragement tomorrow, so be sure to join us! See you then!

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