Is Israel Gearing up for an Attack on Iran?

The 2021 Blue Flag military drill, hosted by Israel and including 8 other nations, is ongoing in Israel. Such drills are planned and scheduled well in advance, but ironically, this drill may be happening at a very critical time. Reports are that Israel likely has a plan to attack Iranian nuclear facilities, and could be preparing to carry out such a strike sooner than later if attempts at diplomatic efforts come up short.

For decades, Iran has threatened to wipe Israel off the map, and Israel knows that nuclear weapons would give the Iranian regime the means to attempt that endeavor. Israel has vowed not to allow Iran to obtain nuclear weapons and, with enrichment of uranium to weapons grade, the Jewish state is running out of time to take action to prevent such an attempt.

Read more about Israel’s preparations here:

Will the nations involved in Blue Flag (including the US) be at Israel’s side in such an attack? It remains to be seen, but Scripture tells us that, ultimately, no one will stand with Israel. Ezekiel 38 describes an end-times, Russian-led attack on Israel. Allied with Russia will be Iran and Turkey, among others. Still other countries, such as Saudi Arabia, and perhaps even the United States, will question the actions of the attackers, but will not come to Israel’s defense.

Yet, Jeremiah 31:35-36 tell us that as long as the sun, moon and stars are in their place, Israel will not be destroyed! Why? Because the God of the universe has promised to defend His chosen land!

God’s Word is true, my friends! Israel is God’s showcase of faithfulness, and because of that, we can be assured of His faithfulness to us, His children, as well! We may see tough times, and these bodies we live in will ultimately meet their demise one way or another. Yet, we are not destroyed! We will rise with Him to live for eternity!

Put your full trust in the faithful God of Israel, our Lord Jesus Christ!

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