Iran Attacked an American Base in Syria…and We Hardly Heard about It

To piggyback on this morning’s post, if you think Iran is too occupied with Israel to keep America in the crosshairs as well, think again! They continue to push the envelop, similar to a young child pushing the limits of their freedom in order to determine what they can and cannot get by with.

A few days ago, an American base in Syria, near the borders with Iraq and Jordan, was attacked by Iranian suicide drones. It is believed the attack was in response to Israeli strikes on Iranian positions in Syria. Thankfully, no one was injured or killed.

US Central Command deemed the attacks “a deliberate and coordinated attack,” then later stated, “We maintain the inherent right of self-defense and will respond at a time and place of our choosing.” We’ll see if that proves true if Iran continues to press the circumstances.

Interestingly, we heard very little (if anything) on the news regarding an attack on US personnel and positions. Why is that? Could it be that leadership in America is totally oblivious, uninformed, weak-kneed, incapable, or just plain distracted by their nonsensical domestic agenda?

Regardless, this we can know for certain, my friends:

proverbs 18:10 | ARLIN REPORT……………….walking this path together

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