The Biblical Heartland: Is it Samaria or the West Bank?

Everybody up and on the bus!

If we were physically in Israel, it would be a safe bet that most of you woke up in the middle of the night, wondering what time it was (and perhaps “where I am?”) But as the day dawned, your senses are now engaged and the excitement becomes overwhelming! (If you just dropped in, we are enjoying a virtual tour of Israel, using our 2019 EXPERIENCE ISRAEL TOUR as our basis. Welcome aboard!)

We spent our first night in Ariel, a city in what is known today as the West Bank. Biblically-speaking, it is Samaria! Just in being here and engaging with hotel staff and others, you’ve figured out that Palestinians are not all terrorists, but in fact, regular people just like you and me! They are kind, hospitable and always eager to welcome American tourists…their bread and butter!

Jews live here as well, and we are about to drift into our first experiences of seeing and understanding that Jews and Palestinians actually live peacefully together in most of Samaria. We’re also about to discover that we are in the very heartland of the Bible! It is a fascinating day, so climb aboard the bus and let’s get our day started!

Check back later today for an update on some of the day’s activities!

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