Why is the Church Divided Over Vaccines!?!

We have all been subject to the growing division over vaccines and masking. The issues have become highly politicized and segments of population, including within the church, are at extreme odds with one another. It is not becoming to our witness, and earthly things should not drive a wedge between Christians.

The answers are not “one size fits all” when it comes to issues surrounding the pandemic. Biblically speaking, where should we stand? With only one exception, I believe we are wrestling about “pandemic things” that have no Biblical basis for argument! Bottom line, if someone wants to take the vaccine and/or wear a mask…or if they don’t…is it really worth the time and argument, and potentially the loss of relationships? Show me one Bible reference that supports the argument on either side!

The one “pandemic issue” that does have Biblical reference is church lockdowns. Hebrews 10:23-25 tells us not to forsake gathering together to encourage and stimulate one another to love and good deeds, especially as we see the day of Jesus’ return drawing near. How are we to fulfill that command if we’re locked down? Acts 4-5 give us a shining examples of Peter and John submitting to the authority of God rather than the demands of man. (I wrote more about that in Open the Church, and in the Vision 2020 study, beginning on page 22.)

Here is the point, friends. Don’t let things of no eternal significance take precedence over things of Biblical importance. There is no need to divide over vaccines or masks, and every person should decide the best thing for themselves without government mandate, coercion or pressure. In fact, division hinders our calling!

In the midst of this pandemic, what is our calling? Amir Tsarfati answered the question recently while in Phoenix. Take a look and see if you agree! Enjoy!

PS: Though issues such as vaccines and masking should not drive wedges between Christians, it is important for Christians to stand up and let their voices be heard regarding vaccine and masking MANDATES. Whether one chooses to mask and/or vaccinate is a personal choice, either of which is fine. But let’s unite as Christians and American citizens to protect each person’s right to decide, even if we don’t agree with the decision of others.

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