Did Biden Release Sanctions on Iran?

Iranian news outlets first reported Washington agreements to release 1,040 sanctions on Iranian resources and top-level officials. Reports are now appearing on other news sites such as Reuters and The Times of Israel.

If true, the Biden administration will lift oil and shipping sanctions which will breath life back into a sinking Iranian economy, as well as lift sanctions on the inner circle of Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, making it possible for them to travel and connive with other evil actors such as their North Korean and Pakistani counterparts in their quest for nuclear weapons.

Meanwhile, following the “election” (wink, wink) of ultra-hardliner Ebrahim Raisi as Iran’s president, it is believed the no-nonsense “hangman of Tehran” will press a very weak Biden to cave to the demands of Iran, and the current administration will get absolutely nothing in return.

It is becoming increasingly clear, not only to the Israeli government, but to people around the world that the US is diving in bed with the world’s leading sponsor of terrorism. What’s driving it? Simple. An administration so intent on “getting a deal done” and overturning everything the previous administration did, and the incapacity of the current president and his administration to understand the danger a nuclear-armed Iran presents.

Make no mistake, Israel’s government understands the danger full well, which is why it was likely Israel who took action yesterday to destroy an Iranian manufacturing facility that produces centrifuges for Iran’s nuclear program.

One must ask, “How long can this go on? How long before Iran breaks out a nuclear weapon? How complicit is the US administration willing to be in the planned destruction of Israel and the US?”

Christ followers, look up, for our redemption draws near! (Luke 21:28)

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