How to Take Our Country Back

Experts agree: In our battle to take our country back and make America Godly again, we must start at the grassroots level! And, just who are the “experts?” They are political leaders such as Senators and State Legislators, political pundits such as Charlie Kirk, and organizations such as the Family Research Council who lobbies for conservative values. I’m no expert, but I happen to agree!

The theory is that it takes a lot of effort to turn a big ship, but small boats turn easily. If we turn enough small boats, the big ones will eventually turn as well. So, let’s start with local elections such as school boards, county commissioners, and city councils. Then, we can advance to state legislators, governors, and work our way up from there.

Not everyone is called to public service…but some are! How much different might our school systems and cities be if school boards and city councils were filled with God-fearing believers who sought the will of our Father? Wow! We could protect our children from things such as Critical Race Theory, LGBT agendas and other tragic things being shoved down the throats of children today. If we are not appalled, something is definitely wrong!

Or, rather than bite off on the idea of running for a school board position, why not show up at a school board meeting to let your voice be heard? You don’t have to have a child in school, and you can gather like-minded friends to join you at a meeting. Organize your thoughts and speak up about the issues that matter!

So, where do we start? Well, there are lots of ways to get involved, but here is an opportunity to learn some “how to’s” when it comes to school boards.

This is a fantastic opportunity to put tools in your toolbox, and its free! So, why not get educated, then get busy! That is how we take our country back and make America Godly again!

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