BREAKING: Iranian Nuclear Facility Attacked

Details are still developing, but reports are surfacing of an attack on an Iranian nuclear facility disguised as a hospital. Initially, Iranian radar systems were rendered inoperable, then an attack by a military UAV occurred on the nuclear facility in Karaj, Iran.

The initial Iranian response was that their defense system took down the incoming UAV, but reports are that investigations are ongoing. To my knowledge, no one has taken responsibility for the UAV strike, though Israel has pledged repeatedly that Iran will not be allowed to develop a nuclear warhead.

Meanwhile, sirens have gone off at a US military base and the US Embassy in Iraq. It is believed they are under attack from Iranian-backed militias.

Things are heating up in the Middle East, so let’s pray for the safety of our military and our allies, and wisdom for all as they game plan the next moves against a very evil regime in Iran.

UPDATE (9:12am Pacific time): The facility attacked is believed to be the only Iranian production site of centrifuges used to enrich uranium. Also, there is now speculation the attacks may have involved fighter jets rather than UAVs. Still developing….

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