Understanding Satan’s Personality

Welcome back to our series, Spiritual Lessons from Israel’s Six Day War.  We’re learning spiritual lessons from Israel’s victory in the Six Day War, and one primary lesson is that Israel knew the enemy!  This particular series builds on previous posts, so if you missed the introduction regarding Israel’s war victory 54 years ago, or yesterday’s post uncovering our enemy, check them out!

Prior to the 1967 Six Day War, Israel learned the personality of their enemy by embedding spies in military mess halls throughout Egypt.  They discovered who was who, and how they functioned.

God Himself reveals who our enemy is and how he functions, and we can depend on Him to reveal key things about our enemy.  According to the following verses, by what names does our enemy use?

Quite a character, isn’t he!

But let’s do further intelligence gathering.  Where did Satan come from, and how did he become so devilish?  Isaiah 14:12-14 provides insight.  According to that passage, how do you categorize our enemy’s origin and downfall?

Our enemy’s personality is one of deceit, accusation and destruction!  Thus, taking a page from Israel’s play book by learning of our enemy and his schemes is vitally important.  As believers, we are in a battle and face even greater challenges as the end times continue to unfold.

Israel knew the personality of their enemy, but also the position of their enemy.  We will consider our enemy’s position tomorrow.  See you then!

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