Satan’s Position in Our World Today

Welcome to part 4 of our Spiritual Lessons from Israel’s Six Day War.  In 1967, Israel defeated Egypt, Syria, Jordan and Iraq because God’s hand directed them.  A key element of their victory was that Israel knew their enemy inside and out!  Spies inside Egypt learned the enemy’s personality, position, power and purposes.  We have studied our enemy’s personality, and today we’ll learn of our enemy’s position. If you have missed our previous posts, find them here:

Did you know our enemy, the devil, currently holds lofty positions? In fact, he is described in Scripture as a prince, a ruler and even a god!  Check out these passages:

What do you think about Satan’s position in our world today?  How did he come to attain those positions?  Is it surprising to you that God would allow Satan those places of power?

But let’s keep digging!  Turn to 1 John 5:19.  What “lies in the power of the evil one?”  Wow!  Did you realize Satan has such power?  It is no wonder it is so easy to see him at work today.  Keep in mind, though: greater is He who is in us than he who is in the world!  (1 John 4:4)  Satan is powerful, but he has nothing on our great God!

Let’s continue on to a very interesting passage: 2 Corinthians 4:4.  What is the devil called in this verse? 

Yes, that’s “god” with a little ‘g’!  But, being a god implies followers, ministers, doctrine, etc.  Does Satan have those elements commonly reserved for gods? See what Scripture has to say, and make note of what our enemy has:

Our enemy has his own religion and he wants to drag humanity into it!  In fact, he does his best work in religious circles, in places where these principles are understood, but where people are easily pulled away from the truth.

Is it possible our Lord is in the process of sifting the church to find true believers who will stand on the truth of God’s Word no matter what?  Just as Israel knew an attack was coming, so we as believers should be aware that our faith will be tested more severely than ever before as the last days unfold before us.  Brothers and sisters, we cannot wait until the battle rages to begin knowing and understanding our enemy.  Had Israel not had the foresight to send out spies to learn the enemy’s personality, position, power and purpose, Israel would likely have lost the war.

Instead, the Jews set about finding out everything they could about their enemy so they could prepare a successful battle plan. 

Don’t wait, my friends!  Do your intelligence-gathering now and draw up your battle plans, for we will soon be in the midst of great challenges and we will have to rely upon the preparation we have done! 

Join us tomorrow as we spend a day of worship and light-hearted meditation on God’s Word, but we’ll be back on Monday to continue our Spiritual Lessons from the Six Day War series examining the power vested in our adversary.

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