Satan: Our Constant Enemy

Welcome back, history buffs and Bible students!  Yesterday, we launched a new series entitled, Spiritual Lessons from Israel’s Six Day War.  If you missed our intro, click here.  You will better understand our analogies if you know the history of the Six Day War and the preparations for it.

Make no mistake, Israel won the war because the hand of God moved in her favor!  They also followed Biblical principle.  What do these verses teach you about preparing for battle:

Indeed, the best chance of success in war is to have a plan.  One of the first strategies in planning is to know your enemy!  Israeli intelligence sent spies into Egypt to understand the enemy and their plans, and we are wise to employ the same strategy to escape the snares of the devil!

Satan is often incognito.  He disguises himself in things such as:

  • Religion – he wants us to live “religiously,” by law, rather than by grace
  • Intellectualism – many know a lot about the Bible, but have no relationship with its Author
  • Art – modern society often passes off pornography and immorality as “art”
  • Music – have you listened to the lyrics of contemporary music of most genres today?  It is often vulgar and offensive.
  • Psychology – trying to understand life apart from God
  • Human understanding – what’s wrong for one is right for another

Just as Israel’s enemies sometimes hide behind a façade of innocence, so Satan hides behind things originally designed for good!  He will use any method he can to get us away from the truth of God’s Word.  Do we know our enemy and his schemes?  Based on Job 2:2 and 1 Peter 5:8, does it seem like we are stalked by the devil?

Open your Bible to Ephesians 6.

  • In verses 10-12, how many times do you see the word “against?”
  • If we are constantly “against” something or someone, does that imply battle?
  • Can you find at least five things we are fighting against?
  • Who is our adversary?
  • Who do you believe Paul is encouraging to be strong in the Lord?

In 1967, Israel didn’t pretend they had no enemy.  They knew full well an enemy was out to devour them, they knew who the enemy was, and they faced their enemy head on.  Likewise, our enemy is out to devour us, we know who he is, and we must face him head on, armed with the truth of God’s Word.  But, are we like Israeli spies who considered the schemes their enemy, or do we dismiss the signs we see and bury our head in the sand, pretending our enemy does not exist?

When is the last time you “lost a battle” to the enemy?  Did you neglect to identify him as a liar, so bought into his lie that you are stupid, worthless or just a bad person?  Did you forget that he is a tempter, so you took the bait and said or did something you wish you had not?

We must know our enemy if we are going to stand strong in the midst of all the world is throwing at us these days.  I’ve got a secret, friends…it’s not going to get easier, it’s going to get harder!  The ways of the world are becoming like a giant tsunami that will sweep us off our feet and wash us out to sea unless we are firmly anchored on the Solid Rock of Jesus Christ! 

How did Israel win the Six Day War?  By knowing the enemy, and trusting God who was on their side. 

Just like Israeli spies, we’re going to investigate the personality, the position, the power, the purpose and the strategies of our enemy.  And like Israeli spies, we’ll put our knowledge to work, and will trust God who is on our side! See you tomorrow!

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