What is the Answer to the Never-Ending Jewish-Arab Conflict? Jesus!

Conflict between Jews and Arabs is almost as old as God’s promise to Abraham! When God called Abram (later renamed Abraham) to be father of the Jews, he and Sarah decided to “help God out” because they seemed to be beyond childbearing age. Sarah sent in her handmaiden to Abram, and the handmaiden bore a son, Ishmael. Yet, God had promised Abraham and Sarah a son whose lineage would ultimately yield the Messiah. They later had that son, Isaac, but what was to come of Ishmael?

The Bible tells us each son had many descendants and God blessed them. However, Isaac was always the son of promise. Isaac’s lineage is that of the Jewish people, while Ishmael’s lineage is that of the Arabs. Constant conflict followed and continues until today.

So, how are we to view Jews and Arabs (including Palestinians)? Should we love one and hate the other? Of course not! But how do we bridge the gap? What is the solution to this never-ending conflict?

The answer is simple. Jesus!

A tagline for One for Israel is: “The best way to bless Israel is with Messiah.” That is true of both Jews and Arabs. Hear OFI founder, Eroz Soref explain, and consider how we view the people of Israel. All of them!

You see, it is not an either/or proposition, but a both/and proposition! We are not limited to loving EITHER Jews OR Arabs, but can love BOTH Jews AND Arabs. What we find in Israel are terrorist leaders who use the citizens of Gaza (and to lesser degree, Judea and Samaria) as pawns to do their dirty work. There is no justification for terrorism, however, there can most definitely be love toward the people controlled by terrorist regimes.

Ask God to give you a love for ALL people, including Arabs and Palestinians. For the most part, they are common people just like you and me, longing to live in peace, but stirred up by demonic leaders. Pray for the people of Israel…Jews, Arabs and Palestinians.

By the way, One for Israel, and their sister organization, Israel College of the Bible, coordinate our EXPERIENCE ISRAEL TOURS. It is through them we have opportunities to connect with Arab, Palestinian and Messianic Jewish pastors, many of whom trained together at Israel College of the Bible! We would love to take you to Israel with us in October, but we have only a handful of seats left, so click the link above and check out the details. Then, plan to join us for a trip of a lifetime!

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