The Turning Tide in the Middle East

Welcome back friends!  Yesterday we discussed America’s part in making Israel strong, and we concluded with some thoughts about how we can support Israel.  We’ll take a slightly different path today.

Recently, reports indicate a growing number of Arab countries who are sick and tired of pouring billions of dollars into the Palestinian cause, only to have Hamas and other terrorist groups hijack those resources and use them to build terror infrastructure or purchase weapons from Iran.  The UAE, Saudi Arabia and others have hinted that, if Hamas does not stop the terror against Israel, they will stop funding the Palestinians.

That is certainly a turn in a different direction, and one never before heard prior to the Trump administration’s efforts to establish peace between Israel and her Arab neighbors.

But why the turn of events?  What propelled Arab nations to befriend Israel, fulfill prophecy and, for some, to enter peace treaties with the Jewish nation? 

There are several reasons, not the least of which is the centuries old animosity between Sunni and Shi’ite Muslims.  It is a bit complicated but suffice it to say that the vast majority of Arab nations are Sunni, including Saudi Arabia, the motherland of Islam.  Iran, on the other hand, is the root of Shi’ite Islam, and they are joined by much of Iraq, and parts of Syria, Yemen and other countries.  The two Islamic sects are bitter enemies and have, throughout history, slaughtered one another.  Thus, the saying goes: the enemy of my enemy is my friend!  Because Iran is, in different senses, the arch enemy of both Saudi Arabia and Israel, Saudi Arabia now sees peaceful cooperation with Israel an advantage in their quest to battle against Iran. 

Another reason Arab nations have been drawn to Israel is because of what Israel has to offer them.  Technology, commerce, natural resources and more!  The nations who signed the Abraham Accords with Israel (UAE, Bahrain, Morocco) are already reaping benefits, as is Saudi Arabia, who did not sign a treaty, but has opened up agreements with Israel.

It was also interesting to see who stood with Israel during the conflict with Gaza, and who did not.  Not only did the afore-mentioned Arab nations threaten to withhold funding if Hamas continues terrorist activity against Israel, but the Czech Republic, Ukraine, Austria, Germany and others very boldly hoisted Israeli flags in prominent places to clearly display their solidarity with Israel.  Eyes are being opened in some places to see the deceitfulness of Hamas. Amazing!

On the flipside, the US administration waffled badly.  While statements from Biden, Blinken, Psaki and an entire host of Senators and Congressmen indicated support for Israel’s right to defend herself, behind the scenes, radical Socialist Democrats such as Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and the infamous Muslim “squad” put on a full court press for Joe Biden to call upon Israel to de-escalate Israeli attacks on Hamas terrorist infrastructure in Gaza.  Ultimately, Biden picked up the phone, called Prime Minister Netanyahu and told him the US expectation was for Israel to work toward a ceasefire immediately.  Though not widely announced, the radical left is pushing Biden to withhold over $700 million to Israel to help replenish stockpiles of munitions.  Aid which, by the way, would be spent in America, on American-made equipment!  (Check back this afternoon for further commentary on what’s going on in support of Hamas.)

Believers, we seem to be living in a paradoxical world.  Those you would never dream of supporting Israel do, and the one nation who has stood with Israel most consistently is waffling.  America needs the power of the church!  Let’s let our light so shine that the whole world might open their eyes to see the one real source of LIGHT!

Stick around! Tomorrow we’re going to talk about the influence of Godly leaders, going all the way back to our founding fathers, and how they impact us today. See you then!

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