Did Netanyahu Just Announce Israeli Independence from America?

Ok, don’t read more into that headline than intended. However, while introducing a new Mossad chief, it certainly appears that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu just sent a loud and clear message that the US will no longer force decisions upon Israel when it comes to defending themselves from Iranian aggression.

Earlier today, Netanyahu said:

“There could be a situation in which our highest goal — to guarantee that the Ayatollahs don’t stop the 2,000-year existence of the Jewish people — will require us to take brave and independent decisions.”

~ Benjamin Netanyahu, Barron’s, May 24, 2021

This comes on the heels of credible signs indicating Biden will jump back in bed with the Iranians, including removing sanctions and handing over hundreds of billions of dollars to the Iranians who are sure to turn it into a terrorist war chest. At that point, not only has America left Israel’s side, but they have joined the enemy camp.

God have mercy on our nation. I don’t think He’s kidding when He says:

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Hang on, Christian friends. God’s favor will not rest upon a nation that shakes its fist at Him. America is not the end all, and God’s calendar doesn’t depend upon us. However, America’s falling away from Biblical principles upon which we were founded might well be the broken linchpin that sets the world on a downward spiral that calls for the rise of one who will make false peace. That is the Antichrist, and his arrival is hindered only by the presence of believers on this earth.

Please take 2 minutes to read the 17 verses of 2 Thessalonians 2. It is a harsh message that ends with great encouragement! Our God is a great God! The world is not falling apart…it is falling into place. Our Great God reigns! Turn to Him today.

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