A Palestinian Living in Jerusalem Speaks Out

Friends, don’t believe everything you hear on the news! There is extensive effort in the media to somehow sway the entire situation between Israel and Hamas in Gaza as Israeli war crimes that will garner the attention of the entire world.

Let’s get straight back to basics:

  • Some say the issue started over a dispute in the Jerusalem suburb of Sheikh Jarrah. More about that in a moment.
  • Some say the issue started on Temple Mount when Muslims celebrating the last few days of Ramadan (the Muslim holy month), instigated a conflict on Temple Mount before running into Al-Aqsa Mosque, hoping Israeli police would follow them in there and Muslims could blame them for invading a religious place during holy month.
  • Regardless of the reason, Hamas chose to respond by firing rockets toward Israeli cities, including Jerusalem. Israel did not instigate the exchange of rockets and missiles, but they did respond to them.
  • Only after warning Gaza citizens about which buildings and when they will strike does the Israeli Air Force do so. Missiles are precision-guided and targets are carefully vetted to be Hamas assets. The IDF does everything in their power to protect Gaza’s citizens. (See a video of one such call from the IDF to the guardian of a building in Gaza.)
  • In contrast, Hamas uses Gaza’s citizens as human shields by hiding rocket launchers in apartment buildings, schools, mosques and public buildings. Their “metro” tunnel runs beneath large swaths of civilian property. Their rockets are not precision-guided, but are fired indiscriminately toward population centers in Israel. Their attempt is to kill as many Israelis as possible.

The contrasts are distinct, and should be clear to anyone who clearly looks at the facts.

Jerusalem is a melting pot of many people groups. Even Palestinians live in Jerusalem, and a good number of them know the truth. Some will speak out about , others will not. Here is one Palestinian man who appreciates how good he’s got it in Jerusalem, and who speaks the truth about the idea that the current conflict started because of the dispute in Sheikh Jarrah. Take a look:

Standing with Israel means speaking the truth about Israel! Speak loud and clear, and let your legislators and Congressmen know where you stand with Israel!

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