National Day of Prayer…without Mentioning God!?!

Thanks to legislation signed into law 70 years ago, US Presidents are to declare the first Thursday of May a National Day of Prayer. Traditionally, Presidents write a proclamation to the American people, urging them to pray for our nation.

Today, Joe Biden released his first National Day of Prayer proclamation and it failed to mention God (or even refer to Him) even once! Incredibly shallow and rambling, it offered very little encouragement for the American people to beseech the favor of Almighty God. Here is Biden’s proclamation.

Compare that to one of President Trump’s proclamations: 2019 National Day of Prayer. What a contrast! Trump gives thanks to Almighty God for His blessings, and acknowledges our dependence on Him. He references God as our Creator and links Him to our religious liberty. Trump quoted a prayer by FDR and issued a clear call for Americans to pray.

Interestingly, I pulled up several past proclamations, and found an interesting pattern:

Lest we forget, our nation was founded on Christian principles by men who clearly, boldly and consistently acknowledged and sought the wisdom of God. As we focus on Jesus’ instruction to “Occupy till I come,” let’s not forget that praying for our nation and our leaders is a critical part of “occupying.” Based solely on these proclamations, it appears we have the weakest administration in recent history when it comes to acknowledgment of God and encouragement of the people to seek His favor. Rather than rant, let’s pray for the current administration. We can’t change much in Washington, but our great God can!

Are you praying for Joe Biden and his administration? If not, why not?

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