Massive Airstrikes Overnight in Syria; Netanyahu Fails to Form Government

In the early-morning hours today, large explosions occurred in the coastal area of Syria. It is believed that Iranian missile storage sights near Latakia and Tartus were destroyed. Syrians claimed to have fired anti-aircraft missiles at Israeli planes, though Israel has reported no casualties or loss of aircraft.

Interestingly enough, the targets that were hit are very close to Russian bases, yet Russia did not react to the offensive. Presumably, the airstrikes were green-lighted by Russia. Iran is no friend of Russia right now, while Israel has worked to maintain a relationship with Russia. Ezekiel 38 tells us that will not always be the case, but it is for now.

Damage assessments are forthcoming, but you will find news and videos here.

Meanwhile, as anticipated, Benjamin Netanyahu was unable to put together a coalition and has apparently returned the mandate to President Rivlin. It remains to be seen whether the President will issue the mandate to another candidate, or to the Knesset as a whole, to attempt to form a government.

As it stands right now, the right wing parties have a large majority, yet many party leaders will not sit in coalition with other party leaders. Even if a majority is cobbled together, it will almost assuredly include left-leaning factions, perhaps even an Arab party. If no one can form a coalition, then Israel will head to elections once again…their fifth in 2 1/2 years. Israel’s governmental leadership is as messed up as America’s at the moment, and radical leftists around the world are gloating of “victory” in the two greatest democracies on earth.

Pray for our nation, and pray for Israel. Each needs a Great Awakening, beginning with repentance. Israel’s will eventually come, as Romans 11:26 indicates. Only time will tell if America has made a mockery of God’s grace.

BTW – follow us as we heed God’s Word to “Occupy till I come!” We’re in the midst of that emphasis, so I encourage you to check out this morning’s post, Jesus’ Command to Believers: Occupy till I Come! Then, tune in again tomorrow morning as we continue to study about God’s roll for us in these last days.

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