Return to the Holy Land with Franklin Graham: Day 5 – The Last Supper

Hallelujah…what a Savior!

Today, we look into the Scriptures with the Graham family to get a sense of what it was like that night of the Last Supper. Jesus spent time with those He loved the night before He went to the cross for them and for us. As you watch, transport your thoughts to that night, and imagine being in that room with Jesus when he offered up the Lord’s supper. Oh, what a Savior!

Franklin does such a wonderful job of transporting us to that place virtually. I hope you are blessed by these mini-tours of some of the most impactful places in Israel. But, I would truly love to take you there physically. I would love for you to experience those sights and sounds, and to sense what it is like to be in the places Jesus was.

We have crafted a tour that showcases major Christian sites in Israel, and we’ve added another very special element that most tours do not enjoy. We’ll engage the people and the culture by visiting Holocaust survivors; Arab, Palestinian and Messianic Jewish pastors who love Jesus; IDF soldiers on a remote military outpost; and much more. It truly will fill you with experiences you will never, ever forget. We have a limited number of seats available. Come go with us!

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