Is Masculinity Really Toxic?

Dear friends, living in the last days should be a call to action for all of us. Some are prayer warriors…we should be praying fervently. Some are “trumpet blowers,” those who warn others of the dangers that lie ahead. We should be sounding the alarm. Some are “movers and shakers,” able to mobilize believers to do what we need to do to be found faithful when Christ returns. Those people probably don’t have time for articles like this because they are busy mobilizing!!!

The reality is that we all have degrees of each of the three callings. So, for the moment, I’m a trumpet blower! Our nation continues to sink deeper and deeper into humanism, socialism, atheism and every sort of evil -ism. I recently watched a very powerful interview between two Godly men who are not only trumpet blowers, but also movers and shakers. There are LOTS of ills in our society, but I believe one of the greatest victories Satan has ever had is the destruction of the family unit…and he has attacked men. That’s what these two men discuss!

I hope you will take 20 minutes to watch Pastor Jack Hibbs and highly decorated Retired General Jerry Boykin answer the question, “Is masculinity really toxic?” But, don’t just watch, but do something that encourages a man, whether younger or older, to be a Godly man. Men, if you are watching, I pray for you (as a whole) daily, that God will raise you up to be all He desires you to be! Be strong, men of God!

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