Return to the Holy Land with Franklin Graham: Day 6 – The Road to Emmaus

Boker tov, chaverim!

When were your eyes opened? When did you first find hope? Does your heart now burn with passion for God’s Word?

Following Jesus’ crucifixion, many were dejected and lost. They though they had found the one who would redeem them from the oppression of cruel Roman rule, yet He showed up on a donkey and was dead shortly thereafter. Many did not know what to think…until Jesus Himself came along! He opened their eyes, He gave them hope, and their hearts burned with passion for the truth of God’s Word.

Again, let’s slip into Franklin Graham’s family tour to hear how this played out on the road from Jerusalem to Emmaus.

Eyes open, hope reigns and hearts fill when you experience Israel and the very places Jesus brought such hope! God has put His name on the Holy City and it is easy to sense when you’re there. Perhaps this is your opportunity to experience what cannot be had in any other place on earth. I’m trusting the Lord to fill our seats with exactly those He chooses. Is He urging you to consider it? We would love to have you!

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