While Biden Presses to Rejoin the Iran Nuclear Deal, Iran Attacks US Soldiers at Iraqi Military Base

A look at these two headlines paints a pretty clear picture of ridiculous foreign policy by the Biden administration:

Explosives-laden drone targets U.S. forces at Iraq’s Erbil airport

U.S. Mounts All-Out Effort to Save Iran Nuclear Deal

While Iran attacks US troops, the Commander in Chief of those troops seeks to jump in bed with the attackers.

It is difficult to find any sort of logic, yet the Biden team appears to conveniently neglect our military personnel and national defense in favor of a rogue Iranian regime who constantly utters threats toward Israel, America, Saudi Arabia and other western allies.

Here are additional facts, making the idea of reengaging negotiations with Iran even more absurd:

  • Biden plans to suspend the sale of offensive weaponry to Saudi Arabia, leaving them ill-equipped to preempt attacks by Iranian-backed Houthis in Yemen.
  • While Iran’s Defense Minister laments the inability to fund terrorist, reentering negotiations with Iran will throw open the door for Iran to siphon millions more from the US to do just that.
  • Iran has publicly hailed the installation of the latest and greatest centrifuges in their Natanz facility. (Which, BTW, experienced a recent explosion and fire, thought to be a covert attack by Israeli spies.)
  • Consistently, Iranian leaders have threatened to wipe Israel off the map, and “make America pay a big price” for actions taken against Iranian efforts to develop nuclear weapons.

Meanwhile, wimpy foreign policy has also emboldened other enemies of the US and Israel.

  • Russia is amassing the largest number of troops and military equipment in a single front since WWII. They are gathering on the border of Ukraine, and it is anticipated they will attempt to take over the country in the days and weeks to come.
  • The North Koreans have resumed missile testing.
  • China has made no secret of their desire to unseat the US as the premier world power. Likewise, they are angling to take over Taiwan.
  • The Palestinians have convinced Biden to ignore the Taylor Force Act in order to fund terrorism.

Remember what Jesus told His disciples about signs of the end times? In His conversation with them on the Mount of Olives, Jesus told His disciples that, in the last days, there will be wars and rumors of wars. (Matthew 24:7) Ezekiel 38 talks about an invasion of Israel, including Russia and Iran, in which no one stands with Israel. Indeed, something will change, causing the US to be unable or unwilling to stand with its present-day greatest ally in the Middle East. The invasion will be led by a madman out of Russia. The US will be leaderless.

Sound familiar?

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