If America is “Systemically Racist,” What do We do about It?

Let’s be careful as we dive into this subject. Please check your emotions at the door and let’s have a factual conversation. We’re not going to dive deep or make all-encompassing statements and judgments.

Rather, the question today is this: is America truly systemically racist in only one direction, as some would have us believe, or is there common ground upon which we can all stand? The idea is troubling and, if true, needs to be corrected. If not true, however, what do we do to stop the onslaught of accusation? Does God’s Word provide answers? Given the widespread issue, how are we to live in these last days? I am not promising an earthly solution, but simply an example and a statistical survey that gives us a different perspective. Then we will apply God’s Word.

The photo below is very troubling. If this is the direction the issue is going, will it lead to peace or to more division? Take a look and you decide.

The legitimate first question is: to what god does a person pray this prayer? The God of the Bible demands that we be at peace with all. (Romans 12:18, Hebrews 12:14, and a myriad of Jesus’s teachings) Only an evil god would encourage and willingly enable hatred. This is a misguided prayer, but one that seems to fit the narrative of the day.

Additionally, a recent survey by On Message Inc compiled statistical data related to immigration and the border crisis. Turns out, Americans are very generous in terms of inviting legal immigrants to our country. However, a shocking number of Hispanic voters indicate significant displeasure regarding the border crisis and allowing illegal immigrants into America.

What is neglected in this debate, though, is God’s Word!

From one man, Adam, God created all the nations. We are one blood. Red. We are one race. The human race. There is no distinction, and whether we realize it or not, we are one family. True, we have different amounts of melanin and we have different facial characteristics. Yet, we cannot escape the fact we are one human race! God, our Creator, created us to be such. (See Answers in Genesis One Blood, One Race)

Thus, ALL racism is not only wrong, but is also nonsensical! Why should we hate our brothers and sisters? We are to love as Jesus loved…and He gave His life on the cross for every one of us. Should we love any less?

God is a God of love and a God of justice and order. As we deal with the issues facing us today, let’s deal with them as the Bible teaches: with the utmost love, and with the justice that our laws demand. Every legal person has a right to be in the United States, and every person should be treated with dignity and respect.

May we never utter a prayer requesting God to make us hate another human being. We do that well enough on our own. Let’s pray the opposite: that God will grant us hearts of love so that we might win others to the Lord in these last days!

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