Incredible Work Going on in the Christian Community in Israel!

Friends, are you aware there are several ministries in Israel working for the sole purpose of introducing the Jewish people to their Messiah? It is fabulous work, and it is being carried out by fantastic ministries.

One such ministry is One for Israel. who believes the best way to bless Israel is with Yeshua (Jesus)! The ministry is a group of native-born Israelis, taking the Gospel of the Jewish Messiah to the Jewish people! I am continually amazed at their reach through their internet ministry, where their videos have been viewed 27 million times in Israel alone! (Population: 9 million) They also reach into the Arab community. On top of it all, they train Jewish and Arab pastors together in their Bible college. It is a sight to behold!

Check out this 3 1/2-minute video:

Another ministry on the cutting edge, but in a much different way, is FIRM (Fellowship of Israel Related Ministries). FIRM exists to grow a network of various ministries in Israel, whose purpose is to bring the Jewish Messiah to the Jewish people. The ministry network includes congregations, resource and training ministries, outreach ministries, social needs ministries, prayer and worship, and youth and young adult ministries.

Larger, well-known ministries such as One for Israel, Jews for Jesus and King of Kings Ministries network with smaller ministries to form a strong, healthy array of believers in Yeshua who long to minister to the people of Israel.

FIRM produced a fantastic video during Passover/Passion Week, highlighting the similarities of the two, and introducing people to the work of FIRM and its networked ministries. Here is that video:

Very often, people say to me, “I want to support a solid ministry in Israel. Who should I support?” I always warn them about the myriad of ministries (often run by Americans) who use Christians’ love of Israel to get into their pockets. Those ministries are soaking up American dollars, with little ministry to show for it. Be careful about who you give your dollars to…do your homework!

However, I am very familiar with One for Israel and FIRM, and I highly recommend them for their effectiveness in ministry, and for their use of funds. In fact, FIRM is very unique, in that 100% of contributions go straight to the ministries networked through FIRM. Their staff is paid via corporate sponsorships and other partners through a different means.

If you are looking for ways to invest in the lives of Israelis, the best investment is to partner with ministries whose objective it is to reach the Jewish people with the Jewish Messiah! These two do that!

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