How Does God Speak to Muslims in Gaza?

Answer: Any way He wants! God is not bound by our imaginations or how we think He should speak. In fact, our Lord Jesus is coming alive to people in the Muslim world in ways we just don’t see in western culture. Here in America, many people own multiple Bibles, have a church within walking distance, get multiple Christian radio stations, and can access good teaching on the websites of almost all churches.

In the Muslim world, that is not the case, so Jesus makes a habit of showing up in ways we might never recognize here! I came across a fascinating article by One for Israel, detailing the story of a Muslim woman in Gaza who came to know Jesus in a most unusual way. Check it out:

Good News Coming Through the Water in Gaza

We will meet those precious believers in heaven some day! Rejoice!

2 thoughts on “How Does God Speak to Muslims in Gaza?

    1. Curious about your comment here. Why would it be “smart” for God to speak to Muslims via telephone? God loves those people and gave His Son, Jesus, to die for their sins, just as He did ours. If the implication is they are “bad” people, of whom we should not have direct contact, are they then unreachable by other loving means? I have spent considerable time among Arabs and Palestinians (most of them Muslim) in Israel/Gaza/West Bank and, by and large, they are very kind and hospitable. Most simply want to live at peace. The WB and Gaza are run by rogue regimes, and yes, there are rebels and terrorists there as well. Just as there are good, moral, upstanding Christians (and some not so much), the same is true of Muslim people. Not all are “good,” not all are “bad.” If God chooses to speak to them over the telephone, then I’m all for it. However, God is not limited and He is speaking to them in incredible, personal ways! I thank God for that!

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