Is There a Cosmic Battle Hidden in the Book of Esther?

If anyone doubts God’s determination and ability to carry out His plans, one only needs to turn an eye toward Israel and the Jewish people! They are the apple of His eye and He is zealous for them. Throughout history, evil forces have tried to eliminate them, and throughout history, God has guarded and protected them!

As this post goes live, the festive celebration of Purim is winding down in Israel. Purim is an important remembrance to the Jewish people, as it commemorates the bravery of Esther and her cousin Mordecai in standing up for the Jewish people before the king of Persia. In brief, a horrible man named Haman manipulated a royal edict that would bring about the death of all Jews. However, Godly Mordecai encouraged his cousin, Esther (“Hadassah” in Hebrew), to appeal to the king in a brave, extraordinary way. It is a fascinating account, and I encourage you to read the book of Esther and enjoy the story yourself!

But, did you know there are secrets of the cosmic battle to destroy the Jews hidden in the book of Esther! For example, did you know God is not specifically mentioned anywhere in Esther? (The only book of the Bible in which that is true!) However, does that mean God is not there? Ahhh…good question! Take a look at the article below and find at least 4 treasures hidden in the book of Esther! Enjoy!

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