Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing!

As noted this morning, our study will take a bit of a turn into what I think will become the most timely and impactful series ever on this blog. We’re going to talk about the body of Christ and God’s instructions for us in these difficult days! Be sure to join us for that series beginning tomorrow morning.

Meanwhile, I want to give you an example of just far off-course the church has drifted. In December, The Christian Post (definitely not a purely conservative publication) published 17 Christian Groups Ask Biden to Change US Policy in the Holy Land. I’m sure you can guess where this is headed, but if not, here are some hints:

  • Ensure that all parties are “respected” and included in lasting peace based upon international law. (Interpretation: extend the “social justice” principles to the Palestinians who, for decades, have refused to acknowledge the existence of Israel, and have attacked Jewish towns and cities!)
  • Declare Jewish settlements in Judea and Samaria (West Bank) illegal. (Interpretation: reverse everything President Trump did to bring peace and stability to an area that historically and legally belongs to Israel, and upon which Israel has allowed peaceful coexistence with Palestinians.)
  • Resume funding of the Palestinian Authority and several UN groups who pay terrorists to kill Jews.
  • Ensure accountability of Israeli “human rights violations” (when they counterattack rocket launch sites in Gaza after being fired upon).
  • Honor the 1967 “boundaries,” that are not legal and official boundaries, but rather armistice lines following the 6 Day War (1967) in which Israel was attacked by at least 5 Arab nations and defeated them.
  • Allow all criticism of Israel, including BDS-related speech to be protected as legitimate.

Yes indeed! These things were requested by a so-called group of “Christian” leaders. Here is their letter…see if you recognize any of the religious denominations and groups! Remember the series we just completed? God’s call to Abraham and his descendants (Israel) was to bless all the families of the earth. Now, we’ll turn that blessing around and fight against the very ones who brought us the Messiah!?! Hello….!

These are actions true Christians must rise up and take a stand against!

We will discuss things of this nature as we roll into our series focusing on the church. Be sure to check back tomorrow morning for the start of that series!

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