Today is the Day…In Whom do You Put Your Trust?

Today is a day many of us have dreaded. It is the day when, according to their own promises, a new administration will take us down the road of:

  • Endangering religious freedom and free speech
  • Loosening the restraints on abortion
  • Rejoining the ill-fated Iran nuclear deal
  • Pressuring Israel into false peace with Palestinian leadership (including Hamas)
  • Socialism
  • Big government
  • Lawlessness
  • …and much more

Regardless of the policies and actions of the new administration, one thing does not change: God is still in control, and always will be. King Jesus still sits on the throne, and will return to redeem us from this filthy planet some day soon. Unlike today, that is a day we look forward to! But until He comes, we have work to do! We must:

  1. Pray for our country
  2. Pray for a new birth of freedom
  3. Pray that the church rises up and that pulpits open and preach God’s truth

Dear friends, if you are not plugged into a strong Bible-believing, Bible-teaching church, it is time to do so. Only when we join in fellowship with other believers in Christ will we truly thrive in the difficult days ahead. We must be properly equipped, so seek out a church of a Bible study that actively opens God’s Word and teaches from it. Then, get into God’s Word on your own each day in preparation for that blessed day of His return!

Indeed, we are looking for the Blessed Hope…the return of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! Many blessings, friends!

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