Promised Land Stories: Back to Beit Lehem – Gleanings

Here’s an added bonus today! Though we concluded the Back to Beit Lehem series this morning, I thought you might like to see a few behind-the-scenes bonus pieces. Lots of laughter here!

If you have just wandered on to this site and wonder what our series, Back to Beit Lehem, was about, just think “reconciliation.” Descendants of Abraham included Jews (through Isaac’s lineage) and Arabs (through Ishmael’s lineage). Yet, since ancient days, the two have been adversarial.

But, must it be that way? Most of us see little chance for reconciliation, yet the Bible gives us hints about what will be in the days when Egypt, Assyria and Israel will join in unity! (See Isaiah 19:19-25)

If you missed the series, you will find it here:

While it may seem trivial, today’s video is intended to be a reminder to pray for these women as they minister in very difficult situations, and to ask God’s blessing on Jaco, the talented young man who filmed, directed and edited this project.

It is full of laughter. Enjoy!

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