The Trump Card

Welcome back to our mini-series, Can You Hear Me Now? We’re taking some time to digest what we’ve witnessed in our country over recent days, in light of Scripture. Here are previous parts of the mini-series:

Yesterday we looked at God’s assurance that He is sovereign and on watch. Keep that in mind! Today, friends, hang on to your hats! You may or may not agree with all you find here, and some may not be happy about some details. But regardless of your position, stick with us…in the end we will all be blessed!

Since last week’s certification and official election of Joe Biden as our next president, all kinds of weirdness has hit YouTube and other platforms to declare outlandish ideas, “prophecies” or “words from the Lord” suggesting President Trump will still be president on January 20. Short of Godly intervention on a grand scale, or some rogue takeover, it’s not going to happen. Granted, there is plenty of evidence of election fraud, but our Constitution provides no other remedies at this point. Joe Biden has been certified and will be inaugurated in a few days.

Some are frustrated by VP Pence’s decision not to send slates of electors back to contested states for recertification, and by the fact Senate objections fell by the wayside following the attack on the capital. But you need to know it is our STATE legislators and governors who dropped the ball (or just flat kicked it off the playing field). Our Constitution stipulates that each STATE holds the responsibility to set rules of election, determine what equipment is used and whether or not things like mail-in ballots and ballot harvesting are legal; and governors sign off on each state’s electoral vote certification. Each is a separate election and this year, in some states, courts illegally over-ruled state laws and STATE legislatures did nothing about it.

Let me be clear: we should not give up the fight, but the fight is no longer over who is president, but whether or not we ever have clean and fair elections again. We must know where the fight lies and how to appropriately go on the attack. If you don’t believe your state’s election was fair, contact your STATE legislators and demand they conduct full investigations. If they don’t, then the options are to make your voices even louder (appropriate, non-violent rallies at state capitol buildings, personal appointments with our legislators, etc) and vote STATE legislators out of office if they refuse to allow election investigations! Fighting for every inch of our great land and our great Constitution is our right (and, I believe, our responsibility), but there is a right and a wrong way! Yes, take a stand, but do it at the state and local levels, not at the federal level. (More about that on Thursday.)

Now…back to The Trump Card! To get there, let’s map our route through God’s Word. Please read Isaiah 6:1-8.

It is a sobering passage from one who, in his vision, stood before the Lord. As Seraphim began calling out “Holy, Holy, Holy….,” the prophet Isaiah said, “Woe is me, for I am ruined.” (The NLT translates that: “It’s all over. I am doomed!”) Ultimately, God was searching for a servant who would honor Him and Isaiah answered, “Here am I. Send me.” (verse 8) Can you imagine!

But, context is the key! Look carefully at the first seven words of verse 1: “In the year of King Uzziah’s death…” The Lord’s servant saw the Lord only after God removed his king. Apparently, King Uzziah was in the way of what God wanted to do! Once he was gone, Isaiah went into the temple to seek the Lord!

I am most grateful for all President Trump has done to preserve religious freedom, fight for the unborn, stand for Israel and set our nation on a conservative course. God granted us tremendous favor while Trump occupied the White House. But the Trump card has been played and it’s now time to move on. Our faith is not in a president or a government. President Trump was never meant to be our savior! To apply the principle illustrated in Isaiah 6:1-8, I have to wonder: did President Trump fulfill his appointed time and now simply stands in the way of God’s plan? With our “king” removed, will we “enter the temple” to see the Lord? Are we willing to be met by Seraphim with burning coals to touch our lips?

The reality is Jesus Christ already removed our guilt and took away our sin, He’s simply looking for the ones who will say, “Here I am. Send me.” Never more so than now have Christians needed to seek the Lord and say, “Here I am. Send me!” It is imperative if our nation is to regain any stability.

God is calling…Can you hear me now?

Stay tuned tomorrow for Listen to Me! It’s all encouragement, to help us navigate the days ahead! See you then!

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