DEVELOPING: Airstrikes Carried Out near Lebanon-Syria Border

On the heals of finalization of peace plans between Israel and Morocco, airstrikes along the Lebanon-Syria border took place on Tuesday evening. Details are unknown as of this writing, but the area under attack has long been known as a transfer point of weapons between Syria and Lebanon, and it is believed the attacks were carrier out by the Israeli Air Force. Hezbollah positions, including a munitions warehouse, appear to have been targeted.

It is an interesting time in Israel. On one hand, several moderate Sunni nations have already signed peace deals with Israel, with more expected. On the other hand, Iranian-backed Hezbollah and others continue in attempts to build up positions against Israel, generally with little success.

The world is continuing to shake. With a global pandemic still at hand, a potential major change in US leadership inviting Iranian aggression, and leaders in Russia, Turkey and China chomping at the bit for more and more power, we are seeing increasing signs of what the Bible describes as the last days. Time is short! Are you ready for the rapture?

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