Suddenly Biden’s Laptop Matters!

Let’s not fool ourselves. There is a very large and well-organized agenda in America today. Some call it “The Reset.” Some call it New World Order. I call it deception! (See The Lie, the Reset, and the New World Order) Whatever we call it, it shapes up in accordance with Bible prophecy and the coming lawlessness the Bible tells us will mark the days of tribulation.

Virtually everything that happens, as reported in the main stream media (MSM), is intentional and part of a grand deception designed to drag us into lawlessness! One such matter is that of Hunter Biden and his shenanigans with China, Russia, Ukraine and others.

Prior to the election, news broke on conservative media that the laptop of Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, was discovered to contain damning evidence of collusion with China and Russia during his dad’s days as VP in the Obama administration. However, MSM refused to cover it. Instead, either totally ignoring it, or brushing aside any illegalities or chances thereof.

Suddenly, after Biden self-proclaimed himself to be “president-elect” and much of America has come to grips with that idea, Hunter Biden is now in MSM news, and it is publicly confirmed that an investigation is underway. That is really no surprise, as his laptop has supposedly been in possession of the FBI for months (if not years). Question: why hasn’t the FBI initiated an investigation? Because the FBI is part of the deep state, dead set on removing President Trump from power, which, until now, meant doing whatever necessary to stand out of the way of Joe Biden’s campaign.

So, why is it coming to the forefront now? I don’t know for sure, but there is an idea I shared previously. That is, the radical left and the liberal media only used Joe Biden to “win the White House” because far left candidates (such as Kamala Harris) would have no chance of winning an election. I don’t believe they truly want Biden to be president because 1.) they know he is not mentally or physically capable, and 2.) he doesn’t lean far enough left for the globalists who are driving the entire machine! (Though he makes a great puppet!) Thus, now that they are confident he has won the White House (which is still not official), they can remove the dam that has walled up the Hunter Biden fiasco for years! They allow it to go public, take down their “newly-elected president,” and the far liberal left gets what they want after all…the most liberal member of the Senate ever (and a globalist operative), Kamala Harris, as president. (See How Does Biden’s “Chinagate” Impact Israel?)

Now, I’m only surmising a potential agenda. I’m not saying that is definitely what is happening. But think about it…the globalists agenda is ultimately to create a New World Order in which they rule. Do you really think Joe Biden is the guy to do that? I don’t think so! Now they have the perfect opportunity to entangle him in collusion with America’s enemies. What a perfect out!

Of quick note: anyone with a sense of moral and ethical fiber knows there is enough evidence of election fraud to at least warrant a formal investigation by the Justice Department. However, the Justice Department (including the FBI) is one of the most corrupt agencies in the US government. Not only do they refuse to investigate the election, they choose to investigate Biden collusion only after it suits their agenda. That should tell us something about the level of corruption in our government.

Unfortunately, we live in a very corrupt society, and for the most part, our government cannot be trusted. As Christians, it makes us sad (and probably frustrated), but it also challenges us to put our trust in God alone. He is our Hope…our only Hope. Neither President Trump, nor Congress, nor government at any level can do what only Jesus Christ can do. Have you placed your faith and trust in Him? If not, today is the day of salvation.

How do I trust Jesus as my Savior?

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