Look What Showed up in Tehran!

Apparently some inside of Iran are encouraged by the action taken (presumably) by the Israelis to take out Iran’s top nuclear scientist. Check out this article and see the “thank you note” that was left in the city of Tehran!

Israeli Flag, ‘Thank You, Mossad’ Sign Appear in Iran after Nuke Scientist Killed

This seems to confirm what many in the West have long thought: the people in Iran don’t necessarily agree with the leaders in Iran! Of course, we know that is true…we just don’t know to what extent.

Imagine living in a country ruled by sheer evil dictators who prefer to fund and support terror groups all over the world rather than take care of their own citizens. That is the situation in Iran.

Please pray for the people of Iran. Acts 2 tells us that people from all over that region (including modern-day Iran) were present at Pentecost! Why? Because God loves them, and all are seeking to know and worship the One True God! As Christians, are we asking our Lord and Savior to draw ALL men unto Himself…or only those we think we like? Let’s pray specifically for the people of a nation (Iran) who, for decades, has identified the US as the Great Satan and Israel as the Little Satan.

May the people of Iran be freed from the tyranny of those who fire off those labels of hate.

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