How Israel’s Covert Operations Wreck Havoc in Iran

Israel excels in military intelligence and has the boldest and most successful spy agency in the world. While Iran chooses to conduct warfare through terror proxies and an overarching threat of nuclear weapons, Israel fights covertly. Though Iran has found plenty of success using Hamas, Hezbollah and the Houthis in proxy warfare, Israel's Mossad has …

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More News Out of Iran

A couple of interesting tidbits out of Iran! It appears they are already preparing to point the finger at those who "push Iran" if they break through the nuclear threshold and become nuclear armed. Also, the Israeli Mossad appears to have once again pulled off a spy mission that had huge consequences for Iran. One …

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Look What Showed up in Tehran!

Apparently some inside of Iran are encouraged by the action taken (presumably) by the Israelis to take out Iran's top nuclear scientist. Check out this article and see the "thank you note" that was left in the city of Tehran! Israeli Flag, 'Thank You, Mossad' Sign Appear in Iran after Nuke Scientist Killed This seems …

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BREAKING: Israeli Mossad Takes Out Iran’s Top Nuclear Scientist

This morning, on the streets of Tehran, Iran's top nuclear scientist was assassinated, mostly likely by agents of the Israeli Mossad. Details are just coming out. The story is developing, but here is an initial report: Iranian nuclear program head Mohsen Fakhrizadeh assassinated