It’s “Giving Tuesday!” Here are Ways to Bless Israel…

Today is “Giving Tuesday,” and for those of you who love Israel and want to be faithful in blessing God’s people, below are recommendations of sound ministries doing great work in Israel.

Over the years I have become familiar with legitimate, well-run ministries in Israel. When evaluating ministries, I consider:

  1. The primary mission of the ministry. Does it match your passion?
  2. The portion of every dollar that is actually used for ministry (as opposed to wasteful spending or outlandish salaries for executives).
  3. The impact of the ministry. Does the impact cause you to want to be part of their mission?

Give those criteria, here are a few recommendations:

  • One for Israel. The best way to bless Israel is with Jesus. With that motto, OFI is on mission to introduce Yeshua (Jesus) to Israelis. The ministry is made up of native Israelis (not missionaries from elsewhere) who have met Messiah and are doing everything possible to share Him! They reach both Jews and Arabs in Israel via engaging teaching and testimony via YouTube and social media platforms. They also train Arab and Messianic Jewish pastors through Israel College of the Bible, and have various other outreaches. Here is a peek at their current impact:
  • Home of Jesus the King Church. In the heart of Nazareth, Jesus’ boyhood home, lies Home of Jesus the King Church, an Arab Christian congregation that exudes the love of Jesus more boldly and consistently than any church I know of! Nazareth is predominately Muslim, but you will find JTK reaching out to Arabs, Jews and anyone else living in the area. They feed the hungry, dress the poor and provide the life-giving message of Jesus Christ through Nazareth and the region. I know Pastor Saleem personally and this church is a regular stop on our Israel tours because it is such a blessing to see Arab lovers of Jesus live out the love of Jesus!
  • Behold Israel. There is no other ministry I am aware of that stays on top of current events and how they relate to Israel and the coming times accurately and without sensationalism as BI. Through live conferences, video updates and teaching, and outreach to young adults, Behold Israel provides reliable and accurate reporting on developments in Israel and the region, and they, too, believe it is important that Jewish people meet their Jewish Messiah!  
  • The Joshua Fund. Founded by Joel Rosenberg, a dual Israeli-American citizen and NYT best-selling author, The Joshua Fund mission is to bless Israel and her neighbors in the name of Jesus by serving, encouraging, equipping and teaching. Service includes meeting physical needs of both Jews and Arabs, and also extends to teaching pastors and church leaders in the region how to serve their congregations. They encourage by assisting Bible-believing churches in the region, while equipping churches from around the world to learn, pray, give and go to Israel. It is a wonderful ministry doing wonderful work in the entire region.

Today, and throughout the rest of this year as you look to invest in the Kingdom of God financially, I encourage you to consider these options if blessing Israel is part of your financial goals. I have first hand experience with each of these ministries and believe they are sound and accomplishing much for the Kingdom of God. Giving is simple through the links provided, and gifts to any of them are tax deductible.

PS: This is not an exhaustive list. There are other quality ministries in Israel, but please be careful. There are also many (including some “big name” ministries) who seek to line the pockets of their executive staff by taking advantage of Christians’ desire to bless Israel. Do your homework before investing!

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