Will Saudi Arabia be the Next Arab Country to Sign a Peace Treaty with Israel?

A little break in our Where is America in Prophecy mini-series. But check in again tomorrow morning for a bit of a twist! Meanwhile, in the news…

In what could be the biggest catch of all, signs seem to point to the possibility that Saudi Arabia, the mother country of Islam, may be edging closer to signing a peace agreement with Israel.

Reports are now out that, indeed, the Sunday night unscheduled, unannounced flight from Tel Aviv to Saudi Arabia’s new mega-city, Neom, carried Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and key security personnel, to meet with the Saudi Crown Prince. There on the tarmac to greet them was US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo!

Reportedly, discussions centered around Iran and normalization.

Don’t think this doesn’t have politics written all over it! First, a significant generational gap exists between Saudi’s 84-year-old King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, who remains loyal to the “Palestinian cause,” and the young, up-and-coming Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (MBS), who has been the Saudi spearhead, seemingly eager to entertain peace talks with Israel.

Secondly, to think the mother country of Islam will fully cozy up to the Jewish state to probably wishful thinking. However, Saudi Arabia has no greater enemy than Iran! Thus, the enemy of my enemy is my friend! Just like the UAE, Bahrain and Sudan (who were the first to sign on to the Abraham Accords peace deal with Israel), Saudi Arabia knows that Israel offers a large degree of military might that would tilt the scale in their favor in the standoff with the Iranians.

Thirdly, President Trump has spent 4 years doing what no other president in history could do: bring true and lasting peace and cooperation in the Middle East. He would like nothing better than to cement his legacy (whether he serves another four years or not) by reeling in “the big catch!”

Will it happen…and when? We don’t know. The reticence of the elderly Saudi king may be too difficult to overcome. However, there are lots of chips on the table to be won by those resolute enough to take a chance!

It is exciting news, and if you’re wondering, yes, it fits with Bible prophecy. Sheba and Dedan of Ezekiel 38:13 is none other than the Arabian peninsula! True…when Israel is attacked by Russia, Iran, Turkey and others from the north, Sheba and Dedan (and others) will stand back and ask questions. The peace agreement would make perfect sense why Saudia Arabia will remain on the sideline rather than in the fray as Israel is attacked!

Again, we enjoy a front row seat as our Lord God sets the stage for the soon coming screenplay known as the War of Gog and Magog (Ezekiel 38-39)!

PS: I’m not buying tickets to that one, but am awaiting our greatest adventure as Christians: the Rapture! You’ve got to have a ticket for that adventure, but they are free! Jesus paid His blood for those of us who accept the invitation! Showtime could be any day now! Get your ticket, and I’ll see you there, believers!

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