America’s Impact: How Long will it Last?

Fellow Bible believers, yesterday we launched a mini-series entitled Where is America in Bible Prophecy? We discussed the need to develop a victim class if socialism is to succeed, then described the need for Christians in America to fight for Biblical truth.

Today, we’ll expand our vision from America’s challenges to the impact those challenges have on the world. Because of America’s position on the world stage, what happens in America impacts Israel, the Middle East and the world. But, for how long?

The Bible tells us that, in the end, Israel stands alone. The US will not be there. So, we ask:

  1. How much longer will God grant favor to the US (and to Israel)?
  2. Does it depend upon American politics?
  3. What will occur once America is removed as the world’s greatest super power?
  4. How should we, as Christians, conduct ourselves?

In his latest Middle East Update, Amir Tsarfati touched on those questions, then exhorted us, as Christians, to fight for righteousness. It’s an update worth hearing. Enjoy!

PS: There is a bit of a surprise ending to our Where is America in Bible Prophecy mini-series! Tomorrow we will shift gears as we focus on America and Thanksgiving. How do we get from point A (Bible prophecy) to point B (Thanksgiving)? For that, you will have to check back tomorrow!

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