What the Mainstream Media Won’t Tell You!

If you were ever in doubt, you likely know by now that mainstream media in America is accurately described by some as the “Media-ites!” Even before the election, they laid a foundation of protection for the inept Joe Biden, then threw a rug on it before sweeping the Hunter Biden scandal under it. Forget reporting on possible election fraud!

So, we must turn to other sources for news of current litigation. I’ll share it, but let’s be clear: our hope is not in legal systems, in a legal team or in a president. Our hope is the Blessed Hope…the Lord Jesus Christ, who has promised to redeem those of us who know Him personally.

With that as foundation, I am thankful President Trump, his administration, and his legal team are fighting for America and our Constitution. There is much more at stake than simply an election. Unless evil is confronted and defeated, America will lose its identity very quickly…and we will lose our freedoms of speech, religion, and more.

With that, let’s turn to Amir Tsarfati and Pastor Barry Stagner as they give us the news mainstream media will not. They will discuss what’s going on with the legal process in America, as well as reaction from the Middle East to the news of Biden’s “election win.”

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